Choosing the right “big” school for your child: a transition from Pre-school

Wow!! I wish someone had schooled me on this process and how stressful it is

Every parent wants a good school for their child, and I’m one of them. I started dreaming of school for my unborn child even before I got pregnant ( don’t raise your eyebrows, I’m sure you’ve done worse😂)

I applied to schools we discussed and decided on and forgot about the applications until early this year when three of the school wrote emails to ask if we were still interested in a space for next year. Great.

Then we had a school readiness talk at our preschool with the other parents! The panic I felt after that talk!

1. I started wondering if I had applied to enough schools. And I did actually go and apply at one more school, just in case! Don’t judge!

2. I started thinking really hard about what this moment means. For us as parents and for our little ones and how the schools’ decisions will affect us

3. I started to really questions our little ones readiness for big school. I mean it’s one thing to be told your child is flourishing at preschool but does that translate to being ready for big school?

So the wait continued until around May when the other parents would say they’ve been shortlisted for assessments. Honestly I’ve never checked my email and phone as much as I did in those weeks!! And trust me, I do check them every minute!!!

I’ll forever be grateful to my friend and fellow mom Ashley* for holding my hand through the process. We would sit and talk and plan what the next course of action would be should the outcomes not be what we expected.

Your heart beats faster when you hear siblings and debenture holders are given priority because you have an only child!! And you’re not a debenture holder!

The process isn’t complete yet, but I’ve had time to breathe otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to even write or talk about this.

Any tips for this process?

Especially for us first timers going through the process?

Let’s engage……….

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