Social media.

The social media debate is always a hot topic and my take has always been to each their own.

I wanna know. What do you use social media for? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Which platforms are you in? How do you control yourself to ensure you don’t overuse it?

I joined social media 11 years ago and I started with Facebook. At the time, I joined mainly because I moved away from my family and friends to a new place and wanted to keep in contact regularly. I loved the instant connectivity and how distance got shortened. I was also studying part time and we had a group where we helped one another with our assignment: my mates were in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Then I joined Twitter and Instagram ( my fave) and WhatsApp ( we have a love-hate relationship).

So the good, the bad and the ugly? My take:

The good

1. I love the instant connection with people all over the world: there’s no distance, no time difference at all

2. I love the sense of community you can have: I joined a new mom group when I had my child and the info and tips on that platform are great

3. I love that I can store my pictures ( Instagram) and hence no need for traditional photo albums

4. Stress buster: I have to admit I love memes: the creativity behind them! So I visit humorous pages when I’m stressed out for a laugh

The bad

5. It’s addictive and if uncontrolled can just mess up personal relationships and human contact

6. Some people now don’t call or text but will send you a WhatsApp or Messenger and if you don’t check, can miss on important info. (It’s the people who are being bad, I know!). I still love the traditional ways of communicating

7. One can be added to groups ( WhatsApp) without you their permission or control.

8. The information you post can be taken out of context or even re-circulated and result in a media frenzy

The ugly

9. The bullying on social media is worse than that at the hands of childhood bullies!!

10. People hide behind the keyboard and just give out an avalanche of insults they would not normally say to your face

11. We can be quick to believe everything on social media without verification. Someone can write a bad review or words and almost everyone will believe it

Your take?

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