It’s that time of the year! Holidays holidays holiday!

A holidays is one of the most exciting and stressful things to do! Especially if you’re going out of the country and flying!

Passport ✔️ Visa ✔️ Air ticket ✔️ Travel size bottles for toiletries ✔️ The right sized luggage ✔️

My sister and I stayed up late days ago with me helping her pack for her holiday! Mind you, we have this conversation every year! 🙂

What do you pack for a holiday? Are you a light traveller or you pack your entire house to take with on holiday! 😜

My essentials here:

1. Pack clothes you can mix up to create multiple outfits

2. Blue jeans and white tops are always a winner for me ( they do come out very lovely in pictures as well). So 2 pairs of blue jeans ( different shades), 1 white shirt and 2 t-shirts

3. Summer dresses and flops! Add a straw hat, you’ve got yourself a winner! Take wedges as well to jazz up the dresses if you feel the need to dress up!

4. Accessories: bangles, necklaces, hoop earrings, make up, hot lippie and your fave perfume: you’re sorted.

5. Sleepwear: somehow I ALWAYS forget to pack it! Don’t be like me, start with it


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